Revolutionary 180 mL Canned SAKE

Only one the Refillment and Distribution services in Japan

Japanese alcohol beverages SAKE distributor, providing refillment and distribution services for SAKE, as well as offering Japan's leading sake brands, "ICHI-GO-CAN®" and "CANPAI®," known for their 'smaller size,' 'stylish appearance', and 'handy' convenience, packaged in easy-to-carry cans.


◆ Business Outline

Refillment and distribution services of ICHI-GO-CAN®, a SAKE Brand to provide 'smaller size,' 'stylish,' and 'handy' Japanese alcohoric beverages

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◆ Summary of our business


Agnavi is a prominent distributor of Japanese alcoholic beverages, specializing in SAKE. They offer refillment and distribution services for SAKE while featuring Japan's leading SAKE brands, "ICHI-GO-CAN®" and "CANPAI®." These brands are renowned for their compact size, stylish appearance, and convenient packaging in portable cans. Currently, Agnavi is actively promoting its 180mL Japanese SAKE cans, boasting a diverse selection of over 100 varieties from all corners of Japan. Their mission is to popularize Japanese SAKE consumption by consolidating and selling regional SAKE across the country, thereby highlighting the appeal of local breweries regardless of their scale. As the leading SAKE can distributor in Japan, Agnavi takes pride in its exclusive focus on canned SAKE, distinguishing itself from competitors who handle bottled alternatives. They adopt a unique approach by seeking partnerships with smaller breweries lacking filling facilities, empowering them to introduce canned SAKE. This strategy sets Agnavi apart and opens doors for significant expansion opportunities. Furthermore, Agnavi's strategic alliance with Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, the world's only comprehensive container manufacturer, provides them with additional advantages. In summary, Agnavi stands as a distinguished distributor, emphasizing premium canned SAKE and championing the diverse flavors of Japan's SAKE culture nationwide.

◆ About SAKE


Rarity of Sake:SAKE is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made only from rice, water, and koji. The rice‘s sweetness and UMAMI provides unique taste, very different from any other alcoholic beverages. Sake is made by a brewing method called multiple double fermentation, which requires advanced fermentation techniques unparalleled in the world, and is by far more difficult than making wine or beer.

WATER: Japan is rich in water resources due to its many mountains such as Mt.Fuji. And the TOP country in the world with cleanest tap water

RICE: Rice is produced by nearby farmers, and the varieties and regions of production produce very different tastes of sake.

KOJI: The main character in sake brewing. A kind of mold grown on rice. It is often called simply as KOJI in sake making.​

TECHNIQUE: The quality of the rice is affected by weather conditions, but the technique can keep the quality constant or even raise it above a certain level.

◆ Knowing the Real Problems


Decline in Consumption

Sake is the country's most popular alcoholic beverage. However, Sake consumption has declined 77% for 50 years from1975 to 2022.

Export & Logistics

The export value of SAKE amounts to 47.4 billion yen, accounting for less than 4% of the total export value. In stark contrast, this figure pales in comparison to France's wine export value of 1.2 trillion yen.

◆ Canned SAKE offers


◆ Differentiation Points


・Focusing on Cans only
・Approaches to Small-Scale Sake Breweries
・Strategic Partnership with Toyo Seikan Group